The convention of ICAFE members and partners are conscious of necessity of improving sustainable development and insuring its continuity by aligning their mission with previously Millennium Development Goals and now the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030 in pursuit of promoting international cooperation in higher education, scientific research, and social progress.

The Conveners of ICAFE underlined mainly the importance of health, food, education, environment, and sport as vital components of rigorous human civilization; expressing their will to establish a global cooperative value system, reconciling proper facilities of schools and teachers, agronomists and nutritionists, academicians and mentors, trainers and coaches, counselors and advisors in compliance with humanitarian principles of dedication, honesty, lawfulness, and contribution to sustainability of development goals. They were convinced of the necessity of facilitating and coordinating communications among countries to prevent global instability, and preserving the common prosperity of all, especially of those in the least developed regions.

“Fund ACADEMIA, development, Peace & MDG’s”

Education is not only a right but a passport to human development. It opens doors & expands opportunities and freedoms. It contributes to fostering peace, democracy and economic growth as well as improving health and reducing poverty. The ultimate aim of Education for All (EFA) is sustainable development.

fostering peace