ICAFE Strategic Programs

ICAFE commenced its collaborative efforts with IREO, Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, in 2013. Energy and environment play important role in sustainable development and education, and we built a concept and activities around these thoughts considering various factors and categories in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ICAFE has special collaborative partnership with U.N. alumni organisation for Interns & Fellows “World Association of Former U.N. Interns & Fellows, WAFUNIF.
This interagency sponsorship is to first support the new arriving interns at UN plus raising awareness and interest to support the basic opportunities for the member-state of our union-agreement at International center in New York.

Internship & Fellowship

ICAFE & WAFUNIF Forum on Peace and Education

ICAFE promotes various Internship & Fellowship Programmes including those of the United Nations, and works with its global network to provide youngsters with full access and supervision till completion. We understand the negative impacts of Lake of funds in supporting graduate students and junior professionals attending training Programmes and better serve their communities.

"Peaceful knowledge is a platform to inclusive Sustainable Peace"​​​​ 

"Everyone has the right to education”

H. E. Sheikh Saoud Bin Faisal Al Qassimi