Since the 1948 establishment of U.N. until present thousands of interns have participated in the United Nations Interns Programmes, those students now are part of society whether they are in private business, government sectors, particular offices promoting or advocating some humanitarian work or discipline for their society, or they are in various field of occupation they are part of alumni group of Interns & fellows of UN,

As part of our strategy we wish to promote new interns to the world community while keeping close relations (former interns) with those who have benefited from exposure to international dialogue & diplomacy at its best in New York, Geneva or Vienna or even at European Union & international court of justice. Many of world leaders & officials at international scene including promoting UN were at one-point interns & trainees. We essentially wish to advocate & promote international peaceful co-existence & development through support of these programs within the international diplomatic world, by inclusion of Adhesion member-state of ICAFE, stakeholders such as partners & supporter’s trustees and staff members. Keeping in mind new MDG’s to secure & Support these would be tools: sports, academia, Arts & Sciences.

Accumulated Experience

ICAFE has well over 30 years planning experience between Global partners, officials in various levels in different regions on international platform. We believe in making our know-how a tool towards achieving our goals and provide services to all our affiliates as well as member States.

To be unreservedly considered leading Convention of Various Governments and Purposed Individuals in humanitarian cooperation towards a better world work with entities to promote better support for education for peace and development SDG 2030.

To mobilize Universal Action for educationally based Sustainable development by providing support and appropriate exposure to young and talented minds, in quest for great future for their society tomorrow, through relation with entities, individuals organizations.

Invitation to students, research professionals & academic professors, interns & fellows to join to shape better tomorrow for all of us. 


Be part of trainee groups in New York,  Geneva, Vienna or European Union conference. Dedicated Trainees gladly serve society & country, as I.C.A.F.E wish to be main participant in these goals. 

Government Relations, internships

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Education for all

OUR Statement

"Live together in peace for better tomorrow"​

Benjamin Franklin

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