- General notice –

Please note: The Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence, ICAFE [17333 Croydon Road, Jamaica Estates New York, 11432]

Has no directly -or- indirect relations with United Nations, (despite certain publications have falsely stated their own narrative in the past)

ICAFE has been made aware that certain websites, or entities are deceptively using the name or its logo, we have attempted to contact, inform them while waiting for responses if there is no action to remove ICAFE name we will be reporting the issue to relevant authorities to correcting the fraudulent use of the name or association.

 The past relationship 2014-2022:

United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy, (July 2017 until July 2022)
World Association of Former U.N. Interns & Fellows WAFUNIF (January 2014 to 2018)
LC & D (September 2018 – present)

Participation in various conferences (2013-2022)

- United Nations South-South Cooperation UNSSC/UNDP
- United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (on individual capacity)
- United Nations Peace Talks in Geneva, Switzerland
- Union of International Association UIA (annual conferences)

[On another topic]

As a general statement: once a request of deposit of an agreement is presented to the U.N. treaty section and the office of legal affairs OLA, from any member state of the United Nations we will inform supporters of this occasion as soon as it has been completed.

Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence, ICAFE, enjoys collaborative global partnership with many reputed partners, and passionately co-sponsor Program and initiatives inline with its mandate. These entities include the U.S. & Latin Veterans Embassy, meetings of UNDP’s Office for South-South Cooperation, U.N. alumni organization for Interns & Fellows "WAFUNIF”. In same theme; ICAFE has bilateral agreement with several international entities, universities and other establishments; building peaceful future for youth.

Global Relations, Partnerships

US & Latin Veterans' Support Embassy.

Accumulated Experience

ICAFE has well over 30 years planning experience between it's Global partners, officials in various levels in different regions on international platform. We believe in making our know-how a tool towards achieving our goals and provide services to all our affiliates as well as member States.

ICAFE had (2013-2018) special collaborative partnership with U.N. alumni organisation for Interns & Fellows “World Association of Former U.N. Interns & Fellows, WAFUNIF”. Our collaboration was to support internship opportunities, as well as alumni support for those who need our associations in continuation of provision to their beloved country, societies and governments who can benefit from educated junior professionals linking their work force with better understanding as organizers to change for better. We see support for educational theme as main instrument in confronting countless issues of today & subjects affecting all countries listed in SDG’s.

ICAFE Forum on Peace and Education, Dubai 2015

Dr. Ibne Hassan, President of WAFUNIF with UN Former Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, NY 2015