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An invitation to Build better future via invest in Academia & Diplomacy for Peace.

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An invitation to Build better future via invest in Academia & Diplomacy for Peace.

Global Action  

We mobilize diverse resources human and monetary from domestic and international communities to support our humanitarian activities geared towards building better leaders through international peace education discipline, establishment of a trust fund for scholarships, grants for talented students in selected regions chosen by Advisory Committee from the emerging developing world to obtain internships in the same theme with International organizations, universities and other establishments.

This will build peaceful future for youth who would be better prepared through exposure within international communities to face challenges of tomorrow by peace training while uplifting their society by educational based culture of peace. We have established working relations with UNESCO, academia such as Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, and Oxford, Sorbonne and Colombia University and mechanism to grant conferences or summit meetings of great minds who were part of internship program of the United Nations since 1948 to present.

As the sole alumni organization of UN interns & fellows, 

an Official U.N. Peace Messenger 1987, dedicated to the mission of promoting the Charter principles and purposes for a better world, WAFUNIF  was partner until 2018 is engaged in range of activities in varied disciplines.

This is done first of all by cultivating, growing, and nourishing the U.N. interns and fellows to sustain their interest in and vivify their commitment to the world body.