fostering peace

To realise its vision and implement its Programme spectrum; ICAFE had engaged into numerous bilateral and multilateral agreements with ​Governments, universities, cultural institute & societies, corporations, individuals & volunteers to form a global educational network that enables the organisation to fulfil its commitments and mandate.

We extend the invitation to everyone to make a difference with ideas, efforts and contributions through our theme towards better future for global societies, countries and citizens. Before & after internship, ICAFE Networks through its partners would include referrals to major training facilities: New York with UNITAR, several Programmes in Washington D.C., Geneva Switzerland, Vienna Austria & International court of justice at Hague in Netherlands.

bridging gap between developed & emerging developing countries through an established sustainable fund.


Our network contributes to the resources designated for promotion of building better leaders through International educational discipline; establishment of a trust fund for scholarships, grants for talented students in selected regions chosen by advisory committee from the emerging developing world to obtain internships with top international organizations and institutions.