Diplomacy for Peace by dialog

Following on the UN Secretary-General urged Greater Investment in Diplomacy for Peace.

WHO WE ARE .. What we do

icafe interests

Concept of "sustaining peace"

​The organization is looking beyond post-conflict peace-building to embrace the concept of "sustaining peace".


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals support.

An invitation to Build better future via invest in Academia & Diplomacy for Peace.

An invitation to Build better future via invest in Academia & Diplomacy for Peace.

ICAFE invites all sectors of society to Support Education, Peace & Prosperity around the world.


The Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence (ICAFE), is an international organization that convenes governments, academia & philanthropic actors to devise & implement innovative solutions to world’s most pressing problems to assure respectful place to all in their intrinsicalities & attributes, while open ways for licit progress.

We promote Peace through Education, internships, fellowships & support educational work that would support peaceful results with governmental relation. inviting  & promoting Building Peaceful Future via co-sponsoring Excellence with our Global platforms for new 2015- 2030 MDGs. We are based in U.S. with networks with Governmental offices in Caribbean CARICOM countries, South America and Asia.

- General notice –

Please note: The Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence, ICAFE [17333 Croydon Road, Jamaica Estates New York, 11432]

Has no directly -or- indirect relations with United Nations, (despite certain publications have falsely stated their own narrative in the past)

ICAFE has been made aware that certain websites, or entities are deceptively using the name or its logo, we have attempted to contact, inform them while waiting for responses if there is no action to remove ICAFE name we will be reporting the issue to relevant authorities to correcting the fraudulent use of the name or association.

 The past relationship 2014-2022:

United States & Latin Veterans Support Embassy, (July 2017 until July 2022)
World Association of Former U.N. Interns & Fellows WAFUNIF (January 2014 to 2018)
LC & D (September 2018 – present)

Participation in various conferences (2013-2022)

- United Nations South-South Cooperation UNSSC/UNDP
- United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (on individual capacity)
- United Nations Peace Talks in Geneva, Switzerland
- Union of International Association UIA (annual conferences)

[On another topic]

As a general statement: once a request of deposit of an agreement is presented to the U.N. treaty section and the office of legal affairs OLA, from any member state of the United Nations we will inform supporters of this occasion as soon as it has been completed.

Executive Board Council as of 2021

Mr. John M. Hall, Chairman
Mr. Juan Carlos Rengifo, Co-Chairman

Mr. Bernard Jean Claude Hennet (Rep. Paris, France)

Mr. Marceo Gonçalves (Rep. sports)

Mr. Gary J. Uzcategui Carhuavilca Director
Mr. Shariar Gianfranco Rahimi Adviser (ICAFE-convener)
Mr. Noel Miller Adviser

Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence ICAFE, Secretary General

Mr. John M. Hall, Chairman (2020-Present) serving as as Secretary General