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Do we as citizens spend more time planning a vacation for self or our family than We do for our Future?
Do we as nations have any strategies to prepare our children for a prosperous future helping their society as they become part of Global development?

Let's us be realistic here. Planning vacation is way more enjoyable than planning for your future.

Vacations are instant, fun and relaxing. But, most of the time, when it comes to planning the future for a country, it's built on uncertainty, fear and confusion. Which, in the end, makes everyone want to avoid planning for their future.  But, if we help plan our future right, it doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, planning our efforts for future can be just as simple as planning for that vacation that's got you so excited in anticipation for it. With I.C.A.F.E - I.G.O we can help our youth better prepare to help future of their society & countries that will make you and leaders be enthusiastic for upcoming decades.

Let's think for moment how world and our relations with one another can be much better, with only giving possibility for future leaders of our countries chance of the experience as interns in the international community of nations. Let us think how great it would be the alliance of those professionals today whom had the experience of some time in the past being interns of international institutions who work tirelessly for a better future. We sincerely believe training the young today can make a difference in a peaceful coexistence tomorrow.
​Training or preparing talented young minds to cover conferences attending seminars, speeches and committees to better prepare joining their nations as young professionals for successful developmental process is goals of I.C.A.F.E - I.G.O.


The "Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence" is an international organization that convenes governments, academia and philanthropic actors to devise and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems with the purpose to regenerate the glory of the Planet Earth, in its integrity and abundance, to assure respectful place to all creatures in their intrinsicalities and attributes, and to open ways for licit progress.

The Parties:

Conscious of the necessity of improving sustainable development and insuring its continuity;

Desirous of promoting international cooperation in higher education, scientific research, and social progress; Underlining the importance of health, food, education, and sport as vital components of rigorous human civilization; Expressing their will to establish a global cooperative value system, reconciling proper facilities of schools and teachers, agronomists and nutritionists, academicians and mentors, trainers and coaches, counselors and advisors in compliance with humanitarian principles of dedication, honesty, lawfulness, and contribution; and Convinced of the necessity of facilitating and coordinating communications among countries to prevent global instability, and preserving the common prosperity of all, especially of those in the least developed regions; while applicants as young interns can serve their countries future by joining I.C.A.F.E collaborative efforts at international level in New York, Geneva, Vienna and EU. As we believe representation are very important part of inviting governments and individuals to join us for a better tomorrow.​


     I.C.A.F.E sincerely appreciate your interest & support in building better future for our young through academia

opportunities for all talented young developing minds all over the world.

Specially those who are part of this Global effort including

Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg in Global Citizen Festival 2015

If you maybe newly appointed employee of any government or young junior professional in private sector corporation or instructor with interest in traineeship with some of our networks such as: New York, Washington D.C., EU or GCC area please let us know how we may assist in guidance to many available programmes through our relations.



Internships / Trainee-ships



Intergovernmental Collaborative Action for Excellence

(Treaty for Education)

- I.C.A.F.E -

​​​​​​ Aspiring to promote the ideas of excellence (Education & Academia) in human thoughts and accomplishments as its mission, I.C.A.F.E committed to generate funds & support by mobilizing public and private sectors through power of music, arts as well as voluntary support from private & public industries in order to support the organizations conductively engaged in disciplines promotional to enlightened society. These areas particularly include: higher education, teachers training, human progression / humanitarian work, environmental preservation and sustainable peaceful development for everyone.

For these purposes, provisions for special grants, scholarships, internships  and or fellowships shall be made through I.C.A.F.E networks & co-sponsoring supporters.

With its appropriate organization, structured functions, concerted operations, and collaborative efforts on part of governments & member states I.C.A.F.E aims to achieve its professed goals in due course of time.


As an intergovernmental network, academic and philanthropic institutions dedicated to inspiring the next generation of international leaders who are able to endorse peaceful and prosperous developmental strategies for their countries or region. Each programme is designed to strengthen the educational pipeline to provide strong candidates with academic - practical international leadership training that will respect all nations and respect diplomatic dialogue among civilizations & general cultural respect to peaceful development.

1-    Capacity Building:

 In compliance with humanitarian principles, I.C.A.F.E encourages the growth of a global International educational value system in the field of development, by providing compassionate support for the sustainable assembly and maintenance of academic facilities in developing / developed nations. On a programmatic level, supplementary support is allocated towards leveraging maintenance for academic programmes aligned with Millennium Development initiatives of 2015. I.C.A.F.E’s commitment is designed to provide an academic foundation for students & teachers to flourish in the long run engage in innovative approaches to sound economic values while securing social and sustainable development for particular regions. 

2-    Internship & Fellowship Programmes:

I.C.A.F.E offers qualified candidates an enhanced educational and practical experience through the International organizational system.

This internship is designed to offer candidates with a practical skill set necessary to become better leaders or contributors to a successful society through knowledge based system. Each position is located throughout the international organizations & system, providing candidates the opportunity & exposure to learn from United Nations policy makers and the representatives  to enhance academic leadership skills training through practical work assignments & programmes related. They include training and research, covering special sessions on development and capacity building within the international levels.

3-    Scholarship Opportunities in all levels:

a.    I.C.A.F.E harnesses a vast network of academic and policy oriented institutions & organizations to provide young candidates exposure to relevant global issues. With a special focus on international education as the humanitarian course of action, I.C.A.F.E mobilizes youths to take part in developing plans of restoration and progress for future of their world.

Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence