Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence

I.C.A.F.E is honored to invite celebrities in support of Education being instrumental for better future.

- As our CSRP Corporate Social Responsibility Policy - 

S.S.E / C.S.E -

- Sport & Celebrities Supporting Education -

Intergovernmental Sports / Celebrities Support Education is a programme of action with partners to promote

Education through sports events, celebrities and officials from many levels

"Please note we do not ask for Contributions, only governmental & educational society support"

ICAFE - SSE / CSE Active planning Annual Diplomatic Conferences / Several Sports Events (Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence) Basics of Diplomatic Works under the International Relations achieving peace & sustained development Theme: Smart Educational based societies & Sports supporting future With honor we Intergovernmental Collaboratively Action Fund for Excellence (ICAFE) Aim to promote equal education among children throughout the globe with our official partner WAFUNIF, represented within the United Nations platform as official UN Peace Messenger. With the intention of providing international candidates the opportunity to develop skills set founded on diplomatic relations, I.C.A.F.E aspires to offer Scholarships
to educational programs offered through United Nations, and the world’s many higher education institutions. The organization's mission statement: Founded on a public and private sector partnership. And use the power of sports, music, arts and governments to support the organizational ideal for a prosperous future, where we will organize and support the students wishing to obtain grants for best education & training through internships, building schools around the world, support of scientific research. Restoration and development of schools in poor countries affected both by natural disasters or recovering from war or conflicts. We believe education is a humanitarian action to ensure the plan for development and progress of the countries to achieve their sustainable future, as we also agree that children are the future leaders, therefor; teaching and training them in the best way to open the horizon to reach a better future for generations to- come by providing education by finest academia & organizations with proper advisers, mentors, teachers or scholars already experienced in international relations. In the light of political and economic developments around the world that we are currently experiencing; we believe children are the future leaders, and what actions we take today for them are foundations for better future and sustainable environment in educational based society. Objectives of the organization:
1.     Inviting governments to join the diplomatic treaty of ICAFE to support basis of free education for children in developing and developed nations.
2.     Build and equip schools with necessities in developed or developing nations impacted by natural disasters or conflicts.
3.     Restore and construct schools around the world for the purpose of providing safe space for learning.
4.     Provide scholarships for children around the world to learn and study uplifting their future.
5.     Provide lecturers, teachers and consultants as means to educate children in developing nations.
​ 6.     Provide events: Sports/ Music/ Diplomatic training to attract/ introduce audience to humanitarian work with stars having large fan base around the world to draw attention for education & international trainings in academia.
​ 7.     Support all activities in educations fostering connections with individuals in a variety of professional fields to strengthen global network of individuals and institutions.

As we agree sports can play major role in building educational support for the sucess of our young minds for their future and building best opportunities for their countries & region.​ We are proud to be part of social responsibility of few major groups.

Sports & Celebrities

Supporting Education

with our Co-Sponsors

Intergovernmental Collaborative Action for Excellence

(Treaty for Education)

- I.C.A.F.E - SSE / CSE -

International Sports & Celebrities Supporting Education

is a programme of action with our partners to promote

education through sports events, celebrities, and officials

for awareness how sports & fan based system can play a major role in building educational support for the success of our young minds for their future and building best opportunities for their countries.

We are proud of those socially responsible companies to be part of this Noble Goal Education & internships makes a difference for future.