Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence

Earth - Day Everyone april 22 all celebrated signing of agreement With respect We congratulate the International community for COP21 agreement in Paris; As 175 countries securing Peaceful Better place for us all. Distinguished honorable scholars  like  our     Dr. Muller, would have been  proud of such accord. World community celebrates this agreement next time ringing the Peace Bell at U.N., symbolizing sign of hope & prosperity for all.

 join us to recalling these achievements  twice a year together with our International family & United Nations for the past 70 years of dedicated service to the world.  We proudly commend those who are in observance of sacrifices for the common good. 

With it 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty if all students in low- income countries left school with basic reading skills –Equivalent to a 12% cut in world poverty that is a big step for the Millennium Development goals.
171 million could mean the total combined populations of countries...

Australia 20.6 mn Cambodia 14.8 mn Canada 33 mn Colombia 45.3 mn Netherlands 16.6 mn Tunisia 10.4 mn Uganda 30.9 mn ​
$16 billion a year in contributions would & will send all children to school in low-income countries.
​​This is about half of the amount Europeans & Americans spend on their favorite ice cream annually ($31 billion).
$14 billion a year is spent just on perfume in Europe & the USA. $8 billion on cosmetics & $12 billion on Pet food & supplies.
(Prepared by Worldwatch Institute Washington D.C.)

We spend more on things such as refreshments as: "Ice-cream"

instead of those  that can easily change the world for better.

(Data list below are from various sources & UNESCO Education counts Document from 2011)

UNESCO states:

. EDUCATION COUNTS, Because it helps eradicate poverty & hunger
. Education gives people the knowledge and skills they need to live better lives.
. It can boost productivity and open doors to jobs and credit.
. Poverty is one of the main reasons children are being left out of school.
​The world’s 500 richest people have a combined income greater than the world’s total 416,000,000 poorest people. 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day, that is about accounting for 40% of world’s
total population but only 5% of its income. Less than 1% of the world’s gross domestic product - $300 billion - would lift 1 billion people out of poverty.
This amount represents 1.6% of the income of the richest 10% of the world’s population.
Each additional year of schooling raises average annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth by 0.37%.

committed in supporting of

Arts & Sciences,  building clean / safe educational environments,

Support traineeships for future

with co-sponsor of WAFUNIF


Intergovernmental Collaborative Action for Excellence

(Treaty for Education) is fully committed in support of building proper schools and educational environments by official experts specially safe area for learning for the those countries exiting wars or natural disasters.

"Please note we do not ask for Contributions, at all only governmental & educational society support".

- I.C.A.F.E - I.G.O -  

"Supporting a better tomorrow through governmental agreement- exposure to traineeship & internship preparing the young for building great future for their communities & countries through diplomacy and alliance of peaceful coexistence for development"

Thoughts of  I.C.A.F.E

promote Academia helping instructors finding new realms of directions for youth help their countries. promote the goals of MDG’s “Education for all”

Supporting of United Nations, scholarships, internships at key posts in international community endowment fund for talented young students support those fine organizations actively involved in these topics seek new innovative resources to combat illiteracy, promote the talented instructors with awards & recognition. Support those nations with the same ideals, while working with them to achieve new grounds.

"Culture of peace and Sustainable development"