Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence

Only Peace Can Write the New History​, For the Greatest Benefit to mankind;

​Alfred Nobel

U.N. programs and institutions conceived and co-created by Robert Muller theme of Thoughts

The Special Fund for Economic Development (led to the United Nations Development Program)
World Food Program
World Food Council — the first UN Council at the ministerial level
International Trade Center UNCTAD / GATT
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UN Revolving Fund for Natural Resources Exploration
UN Center for Science and Technology
International Development Association
UN Commission and Center on Transnational Corporations
Mediterranean Environment Action Plan

U.N. world conferences and programs conceived and promoted by Robert Muller

World Youth Assembly (1970)
First U.N. Environment Conference in Stockholm, Sweden (1972)
First U.N. Population Conference (1974)
U.N. World Water Conference (1977)
U.N. Conference on Desertification (1977)
U.N. Conference on Science and Technology (1979)
Second U.N. Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy (1981)
World Assembly on Aging (1982)
Second U.N. Outer-Space conference (1982)
First U.N. World Climate conference (1982)
International Year of Disabled Persons (1981)
International Year of the World’s Indigenous People (1983)
International Year of the Family (1984)

Actions of the UN General Assembly and Security Council conceived or influenced by Robert Muller

General Assembly resolution on the restitution of works of art to the countries of origin
General Assembly adoption of the international convention on terrorism
General Assembly decision to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the United Nations
General Assembly resolution to seat the People’s Republic of China (1972)
UN Security Council convention against highjacking

Assisted in the formation and implementation of ideas of others

Creation of the U.N. Population Fund
Creation of the U.N. Fund for Drug Abuse Control
Transformation of the Union of Official Tourist Organizations into the World Tourism Organisation
Creation of the U.N. Disaster Relief Coordinator
Transformation of the Paris and Berne conventions into the World Intellectual Property Organisation
United Nations University, Tokyo
United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica
Use of U.N. troops from Sweden for reconstruction in Peru after natural disaster


Dr. ROBERT MULLER –  who was inspired by idea of World Peace

as Board Member 

​​​​​​​"Only Peace Can Write the New History​, as My Country is a

country of teachers."​

~ Óscar Arias Sánchez - Nobel Peace Prize 1987     

Celebrating Teachers - Heroes behind Past, Present, 
and Future Nobel Prizes winners,,,

​​                                                                                             ~ Fund Peace, via ~

                                                                     ~ Fund Education ~​

                                                                     ~ Fund Sports & Arts ~​

​​       Peace by Education years since: A/RES/50/173 27 Feb. 1996

​​​​Our Mission - Idea as Proposal to Governments, Private Sector & Individuals:

We are not requesting funds but establishment of relations to Education & Governments.

"As a Rendez - Vous of Minds for Betterment of Sustaining Peace & understanding"

Who we are in simple terms:
Since the establishment of U.N. in 1948 until present thousands of interns have participated in Internship programmes, those students now are part of their society whether they are in private business, governments sectors, particular offices promoting / advocating some humanitarian work or a discipline for their society, they are in various field of occupation - they are part of alumni group of Interns & fellows of UN, WAFUNIF. As part of our strategy we wish to promote new interns to global community while keeping close relations (former interns) with those who have benefited from exposure to international dialogue & diplomacy at its best in New York, Geneva, Vienna, European Union & international court of justice. Many of world leaders & officials at international scene including UN were at one-point interns or trainees. At this point we are now only inviting all to

form our team in a most respectable level to achieve proper result. ICAFE-  in US branch is dedicated to U.S. based educational support & ICAFE-IGO for international presence & Support.

We essentially wish to advocate & promote international peaceful co-existence & development through support of these programmes within international diplomatic world, by inclusion of member-state of ICAFE-IGO, stakeholders such as partners, trustees & staff members. Keeping in mind new MDG’s of 2015 that 193 countries have signed. Supporting these would be tools such as: sports, academia, Arts & Sciences. (Fund Education for peaceful tomorrow)​

ICAFE-IGO presents:


Promote internships, fellowships & support educational work that would support peaceful results within governmental relation.

The "Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence" is an international organization that convenes governments, academia & philanthropic actors to devise & implement innovative solutions to world’s most pressing problems with purpose to regenerate Glory of Planet Earth, in its integrity & abundance, to assure respectful place to all in their intrinsicalities & attributes, while open ways for licit progress....


  • Approach Governments with continued Relations: Signed free agreement offer internships & active more involved platforms to promote their peaceful development while respecting regional neighbors, partners while evolving harmony on growth internationally in support & securing several parts of the new SDG's.


  • Approach Businesses to built uniformed style thinking in socially responsible attitude, such as other most popular billionaire philanthropist. Funds raised from business are to promote educational support & academia thru harmonious platforms involving public, private sectors & individuals. "everyone have responsibility in building better peaceful future for our children" by securing several parts of the new 2030 SDG's.


  • Approach individuals knowledgeable of their abilities to impact future development with involvement financially & logistically in academia as essence of formula being part of building good future for all.

An invitation to Build better future via invest in Academia & Diplomacy for Peace. 

Multilateral Diplomacy for a better tomorrow .......


"Everyone we say has the right to education”.

Education is not only a right but a passport to human development. It opens doors & expands opportunities and freedoms. It contributes to fostering peace, democracy and economic growth as well as improving health, reducing poverty. The ultimate aim of Education for All (EFA) is sustainable development.

"Why not Educate for Peace"

"Supporting better peaceful tomorrow through multilateral agreement & our global co-sponsor."

As our Goodwill Ambassadors of Peace.

Creating & Manage today's youth

is Wealth of our tomorrow

​Success in tomorrow comes from a number of different resources. We can create our future by strategies presently.

Plan of action to achieve  successful tomorrow:

​Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful inclusive societies, Choosing plans that would be in our best interests specially for tomorrow's leadership mind. 

Giving Pledge for Peaceful Future:

What should we invest time in?

With today's economy it's hard to know what you should be investing in.

In Essence;

As world celebrated signing of 2016 agreement, in paris - while we promote i.c.a.f.e for peace.

respectfully we congratulate the International community COP21 agreement in Paris; 175 countries while our main objective via our theme of action with member-states to help young nationals prepare themselves & their country for cultural developmental challenges of tomorrow via Internships, Educational as well as Scholarships & Exposure by international scene within global public sector. We believe the only practical means to confront security interests due to extremism is through support for academia, sports, arts & sciences. All levels of society are invited such as entrepreneurs, celebrities, public officials & individuals with interest to help young minds guidance to better future, through international public engagement of diplomatic careers & support for their leaders. ICAFE has great interest in developing cross-cultural partnerships between people from different background & civilizations to join one another through Programme focused on peace building, Education, sports, arts & fashion as tools to prevent radicalization and "or" prejudice. securing Peaceful Better place for  all like Distinguished honorable scholars  like our Dr. Muller had always said,

Intergovernmental Collaborative Action Fund for Excellence, new organisation growing since 2012 with proper membership in support of our objectives, "ICAFE-USA" is our U.S. chapter & ICAFE our international IGO Autonomous arm. inviting  & promote Building Peaceful Future via co-sponsoring Excellence with our Global platforms for new 2015- 2030 MDG's , as We all welcome H.E. António Guterres, The U.N. Secretary-General  (welcome-to-antonio-guterr)

"Education that some might neglect in a narrow-minded approach to life-saving in emergencies,” he said, “... is the central pillar of any development project. 

 ICAFE: Sports Music and Arts are the signatory to Peace

"Peace is not absence of conflict, It is the ability to handle conflict by Peaceful means".

  ~ Ronald W. Reagan ~

​​  The 40th President of the United States.

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was only loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children." Ancient Native Indian Proverb.

ICAFE believe: Best Emissaries of Peaceful development are those who have seen the brutalities of War or Violence first hand,,,,

The U.S. & Latin Veterans’ Support Embassy

The U.S. & Latin Veterans’ Support Embassy exists simply because they care about those in need!

 They have recognized the neglected needs of the men and women who have served for the country, and are therefore dedicated to influencing impactful change.

 How do they do this? The Embassy offers a variety of support services, which include:

·       Burial with Dignity Foundation: The organization provides veterans who have passed away and whose bodies are left unclaimed with a dignified burial.
·       Immigration Services for Veterans: The Embassy assists eligible Hispanic veterans and their families through the process of obtaining their citizenship.
·       Military Wives and Widows Support Services: In this program
, the organization offers support to the wives and widows of veterans and make sure that they

        receive the services and help they deserve even after their husbands have gone to their rest. 

Other services include:
Assisting veterans and their families at risk for homelessness with programming and temporary housing. Through working with other agencies, the Embassy provides housing development, transition assistance, training, education, transportation, and support services, medical, Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) support and mental health care support.

They Need Your Support!

Your contribution, whether great or small, every dollar is a step towards making someone’s life better. Your contribution will help the organization make a difference and offer great support not only to the veterans but also to their families.
Every little bit will help the vision spread across the world.
We don’t know them all, but we owe them all!
Help the U.S. Hispanic Veterans’ Embassy Make a Difference Today!


​USA (888) 810-8449 / 305-200-7492

INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS: 1035 SW 12TH COURT MIAMI, FL 33135 wishing all the best, inviting all sectors of society to Support Education while Supporting Peace & Prosperity around the world.

International Literacy is a priority as time passes.

"In the end, it comes down to values, as was said so many times today. We want the world our children inherit to be defined by the values enshrined in the U.N. Charter: Peace, Justice, Respect, Human Rights, Tolerance, and Solidarity.
             "ANTÓNIO GUTERRES" 

Only Peace can write the New History, For the Greatest Benefit to mankind;

Alfred Nobel

Keeping in mind peace-building is not over night work but through education it is good path.

Interview with José Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & former President of Timor-Leste, discusses global governance and peacebuilding.

COP21 PARIS, 12, 12, 2015

Our John Kerry United States former Secretary of State, and grand-daughter signs Paris Agreement for better tomorrow.

on 22 April 2016
United Nations, New York
Photo from United Nations # 673496

Cardinal rule of Culture of Peace,,,,,, Goals since 1990's


Dr. Robert Muller

"Father of Global Education & Peace"
"Philosopher of the U.N." 
WAFUNIF Vice president & Board member, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's World Citizenship Award in 1989 by UNESCO known as Prize for Peace Education, In the final analysis… the main function of education is to make children happy, fulfilled, as universal human beings.

Robert Muller

  • Global Logo Concept

  • Gold Circle representative of Light, (Known since ancient times as knowledge)
  • Dark Blue compass representative of Educational Guide to our future &
  • Gold Laurel leaves in dedicated Nobel achievements ​                                         (as original concept of identity logo)

"Declaring April 02, International Day of Children's Book Day" 2019 year in Arts, Sports & Education, as signatory to Peace.

Thank you for support & Contributions"

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~ Fund Education, Sports, Arts ~​
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Culture of Peace,,,,,,

Goals since 1990's


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